New technical fact sheets on soil management

| Posted Jun 13,2024

The Soil CRC recently released 28 new fact sheets on priority soil management issues as part of our ‘Building technical capacity for improved soil management’ project. The fact sheets were created by the Soil CRC’s Soil Knowledge Broker, Felicity Harrop, to support a series of Soil CRC webinars aimed at building the technical capacity of natural resource management agencies, Landcare and grower groups.

Felicity said the fact sheets cover a wide range of topics, from soil biology and managing soil acidity, to accessing soil data by state and soil pit assessment, and supporting adoption for best soil management practices.

“Along with the webinars, the fact sheets provide an easy-to-use resource for advisors and extension officers to help them deliver technical information to farmers for improved soil management,” she said.

“Each fact sheet contains a plain English summary and a link to the related Soil CRC webinar, as well as a handy list of relevant online resources. They’re well worth a read for anyone who wants to learn more about soil management to support their extension efforts and identify who they can contact for more information.”

The Soil CRC would like to acknowledge the many dedicated soil experts and technical advisors who provided their time and knowledge to deliver the ‘Building technical capacity for improved soil management’ webinars and presentations.

These resources were produced by the Soil CRC and jointly funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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