A fact sheet to support the Soil CRC’s ‘Soil Data Resources in Victoria’ webinar, delivered as part of our ‘Building technical capacity for improved soil management’ webinar series.


In this webinar, David Rees and Rebecca Mitchell from Agriculture Victoria provide a walkthrough of Victorian soil data available at Victorian Resources Online. They explain how the site can provide virtual soil pits for engaging audiences in soil workshops.

Victoria’s online soil data resources provide virtual soil pits for engaging audiences in soil workshops, emphasising the importance of representative soil placements for cost-effective soil understanding and interpretation of vegetation and environmental interactions over time.

Landform and geology in Victoria

A statewide soils map provides an overview of soil types in Victoria, offering insights into soil characteristics at a broad level. Victoria is divided into water catchment areas, highlighting the importance of landform in understanding soil processes. Different regions have varying landform characteristics, this is important context when interpreting soil data. More specific information about the catchment management regions is available through Agriculture Victoria or the individual Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), allowing users to access information about soil pits and detailed soil descriptions.

Detailed soil profiles and classification

Soil properties like pH values, depth, and nutrient movement are crucial for understanding soil behaviour. The comprehensive descriptions and classification provide valuable insights into soil properties for agricultural and environmental purposes.

Extension and the use of online data

Online resources are invaluable when working with unfamiliar soils, as they provide detailed information and data that can aid in preparing for talks and addressing local soil-related issues. There is great value of historic work and soil test data in making informed decisions.

The accessibility of information regarding soil tests can guide management decisions. The historic data is particularly valuable in providing insights into the soil health of various regions and supports preparation for on-site work.

Soil pit sites of the North Central Region of Victoria (Source: Victorian Resources Online)

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This webinar was recorded in 2021 as part of the ‘Building technical capacity for improved soil management’ webinar series. It was produced by the Soil CRC and jointly funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Posted Apr 17, 2024