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Does gender matter in farming?

Including women’s voices in research has highlighted key differences in the ways that women view and relate to their farms and their wider physical and social environmen...

A framework for assessing adoptability to improve soil performance

This study provides opportunity for soil scientists to work with farmers to enable an approach to develop innovations with increased probability of adoption.

Principles of Collaboration in Soil Research

By working with those within the farming system, practices are embedded to enable change to the system and practices.

Building Farmer Led Innovation

How can innovation systems, capability and culture in farmer groups address barriers to adoption of soil management practices?

Activating markets to create incentives for improved soil management

Property markets, consumer markets and finance and insurance markets were identified as the three main markets that need to be activated to reward soil stewardship.

Mapping projects on ameliorating soil constraints, and review of soil constraints, products and technologies

This research looks at the review and identification of soil constraints as determined by the scientific literature, soil researchers, advisers and industry stakeholders.

Scoping study to identify and prioritise regional soil constraints

This study identifies and prioritises what farmers regard as a high performance soil and what limits their ability to achieve this.

Surveying Farm Practices – Eyre Peninsula survey results

Farmer types present a useful way to see how different priorities influence landholder management practices.

Scoping systems of acceptance of improved soil management, with a focus on decision support systems and tools

Making decisions about soil management, and whether or not to adopt certain practices or ideas, is as much a social, as an individual activity.

Soil sensor technologies – which ones are most useful for smarter farming?

The review sought to identify approaches and opportunities by which soil properties can be sensed, spatially, temporally, and throughout soil profile depth.

A review of indicators of soil health and function: Farmers’ needs and data management

A collection of indicators may be the most realistic way to measure soil performance.

Soil models, tools and data: current state of play, future directions and setting up for longevity and a legacy from the Soil CRC

This research looked at the mapping, review and assessment of Decision Support Systems (DSS), models and data relevant to improving the performance of agricultural soils in...