Soil CRC Participants Conference 2020

Come along to our annual Soil CRC Participants Conference.

Open to Soil CRC Participants and the general public (Wednesday 25 March) its a great way to find out more about our current and future projects. You’ll also be able to meet up with fellow researchers, farmers, industry and students who make up the Soil CRC.

24 – 26 March 2020, Adelaide, South Australia


CRC for High Performance Soils

The Cooperative Research Centre for High Performance Soils (Soil CRC) is bringing together scientists, industry and farmers to find practical solutions for Australia’s underperforming soils.

Underperforming agricultural soils cost Australian farmers billions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

The CRC aims to enable farmers to increase their productivity and profitability by providing them with knowledge and tools to improve the performance of their soils.

The Soil CRC is the biggest collaborative soil research effort in Australia’s history.

The approach to research is multi-disciplinary. The Cooperative Research Centre coordinates research across a range of disciplines including social science, economics, biology, chemistry, agronomy and soil science.

The Soil CRC has 40 participants that along with the Australian Government contribute $167 million to the CRC through both cash and in-kind contributions.

The Soil CRC has funding until 2027.

Images: Central West Farming Systems, Angie Roe Photography

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90% of pesticides can be lost before they reach their targeted destination. This project aims improve efficiency of pesticides. Farmers could see a reduction in costs and residue.

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