Soil CRC Participants Conference 2020

Due to Covid-19 we had to cancel our Participants Conference for 2020. Instead, we hosted a series of five webinars available for everyone to join.

Covering each of our four programs and a special project, the webinars are packed full of interesting information about the latest Soil CRC research.

If you missed the webinars live, they can be viewed below.

Conference Webinars

Program 1 – Overview and project updates

  • Overview – Investing in high performance soils – Associate Professor Catherine Allan, Charles Sturt University
  • Surveying farm practices – Dr Hanabeth Luke, Southern Cross University
  • Financially rewarding farmers for soil management – Dr Nick Pawsey, Charles Sturt University

Program 2 – Overview and project updates

  • Overview – Soil performance metrics – Associate Professor Richard Doyle, University of Tasmania
  • ‘Smart’ soil sensors – Dr Marcus Hardie, University of Tasmania
  • New sensors for measuring soil nutrients – Dr Craig Lobsey, University of Southern Queensland

Program 3 – Overview and project updates

  • Overview – New products to increase fertility and function – Professor Nanthi Bolan, University of Newcastle
  • New products for subsoil constraints – Dr Ehsan Tavakkoli, NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • New amendments for sandy soils – Professor Richard Bell, Murdoch University

Program 4 – Overview and project updates

  • Overview – Integrated and precision soil management solutions – Dr Lukas Van Zwieten, NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • Plant based solutions to improve soil performance – Associate Professor Terry Rose, Southern Cross University
  • Regenerative Farming systems – Dr Gwen Grelet, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research NZ

Managing soils for high performance after drought

  • Brian Hughes, Primary Industries and Regions, SA.
  • Rebecca Mitchell, Agriculture Victoria