Soil CRC announces eight new research projects

| Posted May 12,2020

Another eight research projects, totally $3.5 million in funding have been announced by the Soil CRC.

This significant boost to soil research, brings the number of active Soil CRC projects to 33 and the total investment in projects to over $19 million to date.

The new projects are spread across the four Soil CRC research program areas involving collaboration with 25 participant organisations and running over the next two to three years.

They cover a range of areas, from financially rewarding good soil stewardship to managing soil data, to organic soil amendments and tackling constraints that limit plant access to soil moisture.

In Program 1, researchers will work with financial institutions to examine activating financial markets to reward good soil stewardship; survey farmers to better understand what drives on farm decision making and work with grower groups to build farmer innovation capability. 

In Program 2, soil data has proven to be an important aspect of managing soil for high performance. This new project will take a coordinated and consistent approach to managing soil data in the CRC across the many projects and participants.

In Program 3, the new projects focus on investigating and developing organic soil amendments to unlock nutrients, improve moisture retention and increase soil carbon.

In Program 4, the project focuses on identifying solutions for plants accessing soil moisture in underperforming soils.

The Soil CRC takes a multi-disciplinary approach to soil research, aiming to increase the profitability of Australia’s agriculture through increasing the productivity of our soils.

New Projects

Program 1 – Investing in high performance soils

Program 2 – Soil performance metrics

Program 3 – New products to increase fertility and function

Program 4 – Integrated and precision soil management solutions