PhD Student Profile

Salini Khuraijam

The University of Newcastle

Soil amendments are commonly promoted as a sustainable solution to improving soil health. However, despite numerous scientific evidence of their benefits, there is a lack of economic analysis of soil amendments. My project aims to fill in the socio-economic knowledge gaps in adopting soil amendments to help overcome the barriers and challenges faced in the adoption process.

PhD Title: “Exploring Economic Aspects of Adopting Soil Amendments for Ameliorating Soil Constraints in Australia.”

PhD start date: March 2021

Supervisors: Associate Professor Frank Agbola, University of Newcastle, Professor Vaughan Higgins, University of Tasmania, Dr Balaji Seshadri, Research Fellow, University of Newcastle.

What interested you about this research?
One of the biggest challenges that we face is meeting the food production demands of an increasing population while minimising the impact on the environment. It is very exciting to be working towards a sustainable solution to such a pertinent problem.

What do you love about your PhD?
I love that my PhD is contributing towards a challenging environmental problem, and instead of just crunching numbers it will involve collaborating with farmers and various stakeholders.

How will your PhD help to make a difference for farmers?
This project aims to provide the economics information that farmers need when making adoption decisions around soil amendments.

What do you want to do when you finish your PhD?
I would like to continue applying my economic research skills to projects relating to the environment and sustainability.