The Soil CRC Strategic Plan 2019-2023 was launched, providing a blueprint for the CRC for the next four years. It establishes the priorities and direction for all staff and participants to ensure the Soil CRC is effective in delivering outcomes for agriculture.

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As we face the coming year, with all the unknowns that COVID may bring, rest assured that the priorities of the Soil CRC remain steadfast. We are committed to our Vision: Australian farmers using best practice soil management to underpin a dynamic, sustainable and profitable agricultural sector.



11 new projects were approved by the Soil CRC Board, with a total lifetime investment of $4.1 million. This brings the total number of approved Soil CRC projects to 47. The CRC has now allocated $19 million of its cash resources to projects.

Project delivery commenced across all Programs and all states of Australia. Staff were appointed, laboratory, glasshouse and field experiments commenced, and project teams started collaborating on undertaking the exciting research work of the Soil CRC.

The Soil CRC announced a $4 million project with co-investment from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) to investigate innovative solutions for low crop performance on highly calcareous soils. The three-year project is led by Soil CRC participant, the South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) with collaboration from farmer groups and other CRC participants.

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PhD Program

The Soil CRC welcomed 14 additional PhD students in 2019-20. With a total of 18 students and 15 open PhD positions in our eight partner universities, the Soil CRC is well on the way to meeting its target of 46 PhD commencements by 2023.

The PhD cohort will receive industry training and exposure that will distinguish them as PhD graduates of the Soil CRC.