Soil CRC Patron reappointed as National Soils Advocate

News | Posted Jul 25,2019

Patron of the Soil CRC, Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery was reappointed as National Soils Advocate by Prime Minister, Scott Morrison at the Bush Summit in Dubbo last week.

The role of National Soils Advocate will be reinstated as the Prime Minister recognises the importance of healthy soils and its management.

“I agree with Major General Michael Jeffery that we can step-up when it comes to soil management, so today I am recalling Major General Jeffery to service as our National Soils Advocate once again.” the Prime Minister said last week.

The Prime Minister outlined that the National Soils Advocate will take on a broad global advocacy role on soils as part of the Government’s broader global environmental agenda, which will address issues such as oceans and coasts and waste management, especially within the Indo-Pacific and as part of the Pacific Step-Up.

Soil CRC Patron General Jeffery reappointed as National Soils Advocate

As the National Soils Advocate, Major General Jeffery will advise across portfolios including education, training, overseas development assistance, science and technology, the digital economy, agriculture, water policy, and regional development on our national soil strategies and initiatives.

The Prime Minister also said that the Government will support General Jeffery’s recommendation to adopt a national objective to ‘restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape to guarantee a food secure nation and sustainable farming communities.’

The role of National Soils Advocate will be a permanent office with support through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

At the Summit, the Prime Minister also announced an additional $2 million funding over four years for Soil CRC Participant, Soils for Life.

He also praised the Soil CRC for the work it is doing in soil research. He believes the government’s $40 million investment in the Soil CRC is “essential to the health of the bush”.