Soil CRC Participants Conference 2019

News | Posted Feb 11,2019

The Soil CRC will be holding its inaugural Participants Conference in Newcastle on 2-4 April 2019.

The Conference is open to all staff and members of our 39 Participant organisations and will be an opportunity for members of the Soil CRC to share knowledge, ideas and plans for current and future projects.

There will be opportunities to network and collaborate with researchers, farmers, industry and students who are involved in the Soil CRC. It is in the collaboration between our members that strengthens the work of the CRC.

Invited speaker, Dr Michael Robinson will share his insights into what makes a good CRC.

We will be sharing research already completed and setting research priorities for new projects that have recently been announced.

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The program will include:

  • Invited Speaker: Dr Michael Robinson – What makes a good CRC
  • Four Program Leaders presenting an overview of each program
  • Twenty-four Project Leaders presenting on current Soil CRC projects
  • Program discussions to set future research priorities
  • Project team meetings (optional)


Day 1 – Tuesday 2 April 2019

Optional Research Project Team meetings (to be confirmed by Project Leaders)

Welcome Reception

Day 2 – Wednesday 3 April 2019

Chair Dr Paul Greenfield

CEO Dr Michael Crawford

Invited Speaker: Dr Michael Robinson – Science Leadership Services

Program Overviews

Project Overviews

Farmer Group Presentations

Program Meetings

PhD Student Presentations

Conference Dinner

Day 3 – Thursday 4 April 2019 (half day)

Soil CRC Patron Major General The Hon Michael Jeffery (via video)

Research and Adoption Committee Presentation Prof Roger Swift

Program Meeting Outcomes

Panel Discussion – Priorities

Soil CRC Research Investment Process – Michael Crawford

Navigating SoilCentral – Millicent Crowe

Delivering the Soil CRC Message – Katherine Seddon

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NB: Attendance at the 2019 Participants Conference is only available for staff and members of our 39 participant organisations. Registration is free for staff and members of Soil CRC participant organisations. 

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