Soil CRC hosts inaugural conference

News | Posted Apr 11,2019
CEO Dr Michael Crawford at the Soil CRC Participants Conference


Over 100 delegates from around the country came together last week in Newcastle, for the inaugural Soil CRC Participants Conference.

It was a valuable time of connecting soil scientists, social scientists, farmers and agronomists who are all members of the Soil CRC participant organisations.

The relationships formed from the conference will build the Soil CRC, now in its second year of operation, to be a strong, collaborative research centre over the next eight years.

CEO of the Soil CRC, Dr Michael Crawford believes it proved to be a vital time of sharing information and making new connections.

“As always with conferences, there was lots of information to take in, but the real impact from the conference will be an increase in collaboration amongst all Soil CRC participants.”

Helen McMillan from the Central West Farming Systems said that it was the connections she made that will make a difference to their contribution to the Soil CRC.

“It was great to put faces to names. We were able to make connections with researchers that will improve our input to Soil CRC research in the short and long term, and ultimately this will benefit our organisation as well.”

Delegates at the conference heard from Dr Michael Robinson from Science Leadership Services who shared his insights into what makes a good CRC. This was followed by five minute presentations from all 24 current Soil CRC project leaders. These projects range from smart shovels to regenerative agricultural systems to injecting sewage sludge into the subsoil.

Four of the farmer groups who are so integral to the work of the Soil CRC also shared their perspectives. There were also priority setting meetings for all four Soil CRC Programs and on the last day, a panel discussion and Q & A session.

The Soil CRC plans to hold their conference again next year, with a bigger and more expanded format.