Prime Minister praises Soil CRC

News | Posted Jul 18,2019

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, today praised the efforts of the Soil CRC at the Bush Summit in Dubbo.

He believes the government’s $40 million investment in the Soil CRC is “essential to the health of the bush”.

“The CRC involves a whole lot of scientists from a range of areas including social science, economics, biology, chemistry, agronomy and soil science,” he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison praises the Soil CRC at the Bush Summit.

The Prime Minister highlighted the future vision that CEO Dr Michael Crawford previously outlined.

“The head of the Soil CRC, Michael Crawford, has painted a picture of what soil management practices and tools Australian farmers might be using in the year 2030, based on potential outcomes from the research they’re doing. For example, measuring soil characteristics would be revolutionised – so you’d no longer have to take bulk soil core samples, send them off to a lab and wait four weeks for a result. Instead farmers could access real-time measurements of a wide range of soil metrics using hand-held, machine-mounted or in situ sensors that provide cheap, accurate and timely information.”

The research is looking at how farmers can be supported to be much more targeted and precise in their ability to manage soil,” Scott Morrison said.

He announced that Soil CRC Patron, the Honourable Major General Michael Jeffery will be reinstated as the National Soils Advocate. The role will be a permanent office, through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

It was also announced that one of the Soil CRC Participants, Soils for Life has been given a $2 million boost to their research funding over four years.

The Prime Minister said there is good work being done in soil research and there will be more announcements in the area of soil management in the future.

Alongside the government investment, the Soil CRC has an additional $120 million in contributions from its Participants.

Read the full transcript of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s speech.