PhD Student Profile

Win Win Pyone

Murdoch University

Herbicides may persist in the soil longer than expected under various soil and climatic conditions. These residues may cause impacts on the growth and development of subsequent crop and pasture species, and on beneficial soil microorganisms if concentrations exceed plant tolerance levels. However, at present, there is very limited knowledge of the toxicity threshold levels of herbicide residues for specific soil and crops.

This study aims to explore the thresholds level of soil-borne herbicide residues that cause damage to grain crops from herbicide carryover in Australian cropping systems. The research will focus on up to six key herbicides used in WA. An exploratory study of herbicide residues will also be conducted in the central dry zone of Myanmar.

PhD Title: “Managing Phytotoxicity of Soil Borne Herbicide Residues in Grain Cropping System.”

PhD start date: November 2019

Supervisors: Professor Richard Bell, Murdoch University, Dr Mick Rose, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Dr Gavan McGrath, Murdoch University.

What interested you about this research?
There is insufficient data on the soil-specific threshold values which may impact on the soil microorganisms and non-target plant development by herbicides resident in the soil. Therefore, I am interested to do this research to fulfil knowledge gaps in Australian grain cropping systems.

What do you love about your PhD?
I love that my PhD study has improved my knowledge to understand the effect on crop species of residual activities of herbicides in different soil types and crops.

How will your PhD help to make a difference for farmers?
Outputs of these studies will assist famers, agronomists and extension officers identify a suitable time for crop sowing, crop choice, and herbicide management to be able to upgrade soil and crop performance with minimal harmful effects of residual herbicides in soils.

What do you want to do when you finish your PhD?
I will continue my current job as the agricultural extension officer at the Department of Agriculture Myanmar to deliver the advanced agriculture knowledge and technology to our local farmers.