PhD Student Profile

Sadia Sabrin Nodi

Charles Sturt University

The objective of this research project is to investigate various regression and machine learning algorithms to estimate soil properties, and to design and develop a smartphone app for estimating soil properties such as Munsell colour, carbon and moisture from images captured by smartphones. This application would be well suited to assist Australian farmers in automating their soil profiling to improve agricultural efficiency and yield.

PhD Title: “Development of a grower focused mobile app for estimating, analysis and recording soil properties.”

PhD start date: August 2021

Supervisors: Professor Manoranjan Paul, Charles Sturt University, Dr Nathan Robinson, Federation University, Dr Liang Wang, University of Newcastle, Dr Sabih-Ur Rehman, Charles Sturt University.

What interested you about this research?
To me the most interesting fact about this research is, the scope to modernise farming system with the help of technology.

What do you love about soil?
I love that soil is like a pool of thousands of organisms that can do magic on our planet’s biodiversity.

What do you love about your PhD?
I love that my PhD can directly help the farmers as well as the agricultural industry.

How will your PhD help to make a difference for farmers?
My PhD will help farmers to do soil profiling within seconds which generally takes days to do in labs. Farmers can save their time, minimise cost and can improve agricultural efficiency.

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