PhD Student Profile

Naveeda Majid

The University of Newcastle

This study will focus on extent and severity of non-wetting in Australia and globally. The early human settlement and various vegetation patterns and types had an influence on the formation of non-wetting soils. Characterisation of non-wetting soils on mineralogical, physical, chemical, and biological parameters will be performed to find out sustainable remediation approach (microbial base) to treat non-wettability of soils.

PhD Title: “Non-wetting soils: the causes and mechanisms of non-wetting and remediation.”

PhD start date: February 2021

Supervisors: Laureate Prof Ravi Naidu, The University of Newcastle, Dr Mezbaul Behar, The University of Newcastle, Prof Richard Harper, Murdoch University.

What interested you about this research?
A chance to develop novel remediation approach for farmers.

What do you love about soil?
Soils provide the nutrition to the people on the globe. This is a real inspiration for me, and I love to see healthy soils in my surrounding.

What do you love about your PhD?
It is an excellent opportunity to develop my skills, to discover and learn new things by doing research work.

How will your PhD help to make a difference for farmers?
Non-wetting soils are challenging area and finding a sustainable solution for these soils can help farmers to get more agricultural crop production yield. Knowing more about their soils and dealing accordingly will be beneficial for them.

What do you want to do when you finish your PhD?
To help the other researchers by getting involved in an academic or non-academic sector.

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