Managing phytotoxicity in soils for stronger grain yields

| Posted Nov 11,2022

Residual effects of herbicides in soil can linger longer than we realise. Little is understood about the toxicity threshold levels of such residues. Win Win Pyone, a Soil CRC PhD candidate from Murdoch University, is investigating toxicity levels from herbicide carryover, and the effect these residues can have on the growth and development of crops. 

Win Win commenced her studies in 2019, aiming to make a difference in how famers, agronomists and extension officers understand herbicide residues and their effects. 

Now, three years in, Win Win has narrowed down her research to assessing phytotoxicity risk – adverse effects on plant health – caused by diuron residues, a broad-spectrum herbicide uses to control broadleaved and grass weeds.

Win Win has been examining residues in sandy soils used for winter grain crops, hoping to draw out the threshold levels for different herbicides and their implications for common grain crops.