Making sense of soil indicators

| Posted Oct 18,2023

Soil CRC researchers at Federation University, in partnership with Charles Sturt University and the University of Newcastle, are examining how farmers use soil indicators to inform and support their farming practices. 

Soil indicators are the observations, assessments and measurements farmers use to gauge soil health. These indicators help farmers understand how soil is performing for different enterprises and regions.  

The research is part of Soil CRC’s ‘Matching soil performance indicators to farming systems’ project, led by Dr Nathan Robinson from Federation University. Dr Robinson said the project aims to help growers, advisers and scientists identify what indicators work best and where.  

“This research will provide valuable information and guidance for growers to pick the best indicators for their production system,” he said. 

“Our research team is using a survey to collect insights from land managers and other agricultural stakeholders, which will help us understand what suite of indicators are used to measure soil performance for different enterprises and farming systems.”  

The research will also explore whether alternative indicators might better match farming practice needs. 

Get involved 

Farmers, producers, advisors and others working in the agriculture sector are encouraged to participate in this research by completing a 10-minute online survey. The survey asks questions about what soil indicators are used, how often they are used, and what has informed soil indicator choices. 

Watch Dr Robinson’s research overview video to find out more and complete the online survey