Have your say on the National Soil Action Plan

| Posted Sep 29,2022

The National Soil Action Plan is now open for public consultation until 7 November 2022.

The National Soil Action Plan 2022-27 is a key component of Australia’s 20-year National Soil Strategy. The National Soil Strategy, released in May 2021, has three goals – prioritise soil health, empower soil innovation and stewards, and strengthen soil knowledge and capability.

The strategy provides an overarching framework for the Soil CRC’s activities and the CRC makes a significant contribution to all three goals.

The Action Plan will guide national action on Australia’s soil for the first five years of the National Soil Strategy. It will outline initiatives and opportunities to value, manage and improve Australia’s soil and lay a foundation to help guide policy, investment, research, and program design to achieve the vision and objectives of the Strategy.

The Action Plan is not a rigid set of recommendations or actions. It is designed to support all soil stakeholders to respond to local, regional, or national soil challenges that are appropriate for their circumstances.

The Action Plan has been developed in consultation with key soil stakeholder groups and contributions from governments, primary industries, natural resource management organisations, First Nations groups, and academic and research organisations, including the Soil CRC.

Your feedback will help the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry ensure the Action Plan is informed, relevant, and practical to support the management of Australia’s soil health.

You can access the survey here.