| Posted Nov 25,2021

Find out more about soil health, soil carbon and some Soil CRC projects while you are harvesting, driving or getting jobs done this World Soil Day.

Here’s a few that we think you might enjoy.

Paddock Chat from West Midlands Group. This episode features Soil CRC Project Leader, Professor Terry Rose from Southern Cross University talking about how soil health can be improved in different farming systems. He focuses especially on the West Midlands region of Western Australia, with take homes for all regions.

The Great Soil Carbon Catalyst from Soils for Life. How could the emerging market for soil carbon support farmers to regenerate soils? This episode features Soil CRC CEO, Dr Michael Crawford, farmers, scientists and policy makers to explore the soil carbon opportunity.

Calcareous Soils Initiative from the GRDC. This episode features Soil CRC Project Leader Nigel Wilhelm, from Primary Industries and Research South Australia talking about the Highly calcareous soils project with trial sites in the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Valuing Natural Capital Roundtable from the Australian Farm Institute. This episode features Soil CRC researcher, Dr Francisco Ascui on valuing natural capital.

How Soil Carbon Works from Cosmos featuring CEO of the Soil CRC Dr Michael Crawford and Louise Kiely from Carbon Farmers Australia. The episode explores the soil carbon landscape, the technology and policy needed to increase soil carbon sequestration, and the potential for agriculture if it is increased.