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PhD Scholarships

The Soil CRC will be offering over 40 PhD scholarship opportunities over the next eight years.

PhD scholars through the Soil CRC will have opportunities to develop their industry knowledge and relevance, through additional training and networking opportunities associated with the Soil CRC, and will be part of nationwide cohort of Soil CRC postgraduate students. They will have the opportunity to work with researchers, farmers groups and industry from across Australia through the Soil CRC PhD program.

The CRC Program aims to develop and commercialise leading-edge research and produce graduates with hands-on industry experience to help create a highly-skilled workforce.

Our call for PhD Scholarships has closed. Future PhD Scholarships may be funded through Major Investment Rounds as part of projects. Please contact the relevant Program Leader for more information.

PhD Research Project Vacancies

The following projects have been funded by the Soil CRC are advertising for students.

The ‘soil sucker’ developing a system for extraction of soil water for nutrient analysis

Farmers need a fast, reliable in-field means to measure soil NPK in order to manage fertiliser application in a timely, spatially cognisant, and efficient manner. Current soil testing is too slow and too expensive for either precision fertiliser management or reactive ‘in crop’  fertiliser management.

The project is seeking an exceptional candidate who has knowledge, or the ability to acquire working knowledge of, relevant aspects of mechanical engineering, soil physics, and analytical chemistry. The candidate will be based at University of Tasmania. Support will be provided to the candidate through joint supervision between Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA), Chemistry and Engineering. The PhD will be conducted as part of the Soil CRC project: ‘Smart’ soil sensors.

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Negotiating the complexities of farming in the 21st century

New technologies and innovations have the potential to increase productivity and boost soil health, but are not necessarily viewed favourably by farmers. What is driving broad trends in farmer decision-making? The successful applicants will need to apply and meet the entry requirements to enrol in a PhD at Southern Cross University on a full time basis.

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Soil organic matter storage in deep soils

Soil measurements rarely extend below the top 20 cm of agricultural soils. However, what we do in these top 20 cm may dramatically alter the structure and function of deeper soil, where we now know large quantities of carbon and nitrogen are stored. The successful candidate will be based in the Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry at Southern Cross University in northeastern New South Wales.

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Developing a Hyperspectral Imagery based Decision Support System for Soil Assessment using Vegetation Pattern

Assessing soil properties (e.g. moisture, chemical/organic constituents) is necessary for better yield management. The assessment of those properties is difficult using traditional technology due to vegetation in the soil. This project aims to develop a decision support system using the Hyperspectral imaging of the vegetation canopy and soil for quantifying those variant properties.

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